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Yes! We have a magic touch that allows us to sell these at such unbelievable prices!

Everything is brand new, and still sealed. We do not sell in any other conditions for now. All ESN's/IMEI's are also confirmed to be squeaky clean before, during, and after sale. 

Depends on where you live. We are based closer to the east coast, so those in the East can get it within 1-2 Days. Those in the west can take 5-7. 

 Check our shipping policy for further  details. Cutoff time for same day shipments are 2 PM, excluding weekends/holidays. If you need an exception text us and we'll see if we can get your package out:).

We currently ship everywhere in the continental USA.

$0 ! To anywhere  in the continental USA, we cover standard shipping costs. Expedited shipping is available at an additional cost, as is shipping to Hawaii and Alaska. 

Unfortunately no, not at this time. As much as we would like to make our amazing prices available for everyone , the costs and logistics involved in shipping internationally is delaying that option. We hope to have good news about hat one day, just follow our blog  for the latest updates ! Or you can follow us on your favorite social media :)

Yep! You must return your product within 30 days of the product being shipped. See our return policy for more details.

Our preferred customer is the educated consumer. Educated consumers know what they are looking for and recognize a good deal when they see one. After all, isn't appreciation priceless ? :)

Your payment details are as  secure as the word was intended :). All sensitive info is encrypted on the way up and on the way down, and all payments use a reliable, trustworthy, third party, such as PayPal. We have a few different options you can choose from, each one as secure as the other :)

Well, for starters, we only have the minimum data possible to allow us to process an order. Whatever little info we do process, is stored in strict conformation to our privacy policy )and terms of service).  At any time you can request to unsubscribe or to delete your info, and we wlll:). 

Prices :) We aren't big fans of capitalizing on hard-working Americans, especially since we were on the receiving end of that stick too many times ! Whether it's corporate greed, or (private ?) avarice , there's a reason there's a law against price gouging, especially in a time of need ! We believe, that when it comes to electronics, it's always a time of need :). So we try to stay  low enough to be affordable, but just high enough that it's worth it for us :). 

Now, that's not an insulting question ! :)

But yes, everything is 100% genuine and authentic , we verify every single  item in our store by the serial numbers and other methods , as well as extensive vetting of our suppliers. 

You can confidently join our growing list of thousands of customers 😊!

Our question is why would you buy from an established one 😉?!

On a serious note, we understand consumer hesitancy to buy from a new store. After all, we all grew up with the big-box retailers  and those stores are deeply embedded in our subconscious. But did you know that they were new as well at some  point in time 🤔!? Who would have bought from Amazon in 1995? 😉

New doesn't mean worse, it means it's an opportunity. To stop the overpaying of hard-working Americans for electronic necessities. See our blog  for more of our opinions and how we feel manufacturers and brands are taking advantage of the less advantaged. 

For one, we don't think most are cool. We wish it can be the new industry standard, we know how frustrating the lack of these are when dealing with other companies. For one we never use robots/automation. Every email or message is answered and reviewed by a human (who would have thunk!). We feel it's abusive (and should be illegal ) to have computers answering canned responses, especially since the accuracy can't really be called accurate ! We understand the urge to cut costs in such a fashion, but it is at the expense of  the consumer. We offer text and WhatsApp contact, as well as most forms of social media support (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). We can send pictures of the actual item to a potential buyer upon request, which we don't think anyone does (yet) !!

We hope to pave the path for others to follow, and restore  the American  shopping experience to the pleasant experience that it once was.  Read more about our features on our blog (link here) and how we feel the same way when treated like that. 

Consider that problem solved 😊. We are here for you, to see to that problem until it's satisfactory resolution. We do our utmost to accurately describes our items , but if a miracle happens and it is not what you expected, you will receive a full refund for a successful return (subject to our return policy of course !) . If anything is damaged or lost on the way to you, it's on us. We love our customers, so we would like to keep them :). 

The only one catching here is the customer :). 

You may not be aware of this, but most big-box retailers need to oblige by MAP, which stands for Minimum Advertised Pricing, since they buy directly from the manufacturers. By avoiding that, we aren't required to do that :). We think the whole idea of minimum pricing is anti-capitalist, and the brands way of forcing more profits their way. We protest, and this is our way of showing it 😊

We offer most communication methods available in 2020:), Call/Text/Whatsapp/Social Media. Let us know what we missed !

We don't know 🤷‍♂️. To always be on top of deals, make sure to follow us on your favorite social media platforms , and you will be notified as soon as a new product is added to our store. 

Make sure to subscribe to get a back-in-stock alert! On the product page of sold out items there is an option to subscribe for such an alert. Navigate to the correct item you want and subscribe for the alert !

At the time, we are welcoming all suppliers to join our world :). Just visit this page for a form to fill out, to figure out  we can both be of value for each other. Bear in mind we extensively vet all new suppliers to ensure we maintain out high standard of supply chain ethics. 

Send us a message ! To request a product you would like just contact us. If you have a target price you can enter that as well (optional) and make sure to input the desired quantity. You are not committing to buy it if/when we get that item in stock, and a team member will be in touch with within a few days with a clearer idea of whether we can get it for you. No guarantees !

Send us a message  to let us know your concerns. We will properly look into it if we can accept your offer. 

Never! We only list and sell what we have in the flesh, err.... I mean the box. We inspect all our irems and confirm all is well, before it becomes available for sale. You can sleep well now!



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