We do the chasing. You get the savings.

Hey, we're Sean and Joe.

We're brothers, nature enthusiasts, and professional bargain-hunters.

We spent our childhood years in upstate N.Y. feeding crows on our roof, lobbying for wild goose welfare, and of course, chasing summer fireflies.

Now instead of catching fireflies, we spend our time searching out the best tech bargains in the universe and offering the savings to our customers.


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How can you guys sell these electronics for so cheap?

As veteran Amazon and eBay sellers, we've learned a thing or two (or seventeen!) about finding the best deals for our customers.

Did you know? Third-party sellers like Amazon and eBay charge a significant commission on every product, slicing away a good chunk of your potential savings.

We price it better. Since we're an independent shop, we aren't subject to third-party fees, so we offer you the best possible prices, anywhere.

Why are the big-box retailers' prices so much higher than yours?

Here's another industry secret: Big-box stores like Walmart and Best Buy are mandated by the electronics manufacturers to keep their pricing at a Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) = this means they cannot legally sell items lower than a specified minimum price!

We're different.

Since we're an independent shop, we can offer you discount prices like none of the big dealers can.

How long will the current products be available on Firefly?

Firefly is a flash deal site. We scoop up limited numbers of brand-name electronics products and offer them to you at astonishingly low prices.

But here's the catch: We can't say how long a deal will last. Like a real firefly, each bright deal may only be around for a short time.

Best prices. Unbeatable service. Thrilled Customers.


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